Cyder continuously work with Modern Technology Partners to enhance its expertise and tooling skillsets for DevSecOps environments. The goal is to have a complete set of Partners to cover the entire DevSecOps pipeline to provide Cyder a solid foundation to provide best services for our clients.

Below are our modern technology partners that we are proud to be in partnership with.

Atlassian provides development and collaboration solution

Confluent provides enterprise Kafka solution

Softomotive provides RPA solution

Rancher provides enterprise kubernetes platform

Sonatype provides artifactory, dependencies security assessment

Aquasec provides container security solution

Eggplant provides automated web and mobile testing solution

Elastic Search provides enterprise big data query and search solution

F5 - NGINX provides enterprise reverse proxy and API gateway

Redhat provides enterprise kubernetes platform

Kong API provides enterprise API Gateway

Saltstack provides enterprise configuration management

Synopsis provides SAST and IAST tool

DataStax provides hybrid and multi-cloud NoSQL database

Technology partner in Cloud Native Security

Hashicorp provides fastest path to value in a modern, multi-cloud datacenter